Supreme Immortal Art (Instrumental 1997)


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Noctilucant 'Supreme Immortal Art' has stood the test of time as a pillar of excellence in the black metal scene, and now hearing this rough instrumental mix has made me appreciate the album all the more -- as well as, opened my ears to small details I previously missed on the original album. Favorite track: Satan In Me.
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EHRLCHKT "Unreal revealed this imagination
A dream so real, a dream so deep
Turning me towards all mysteries
I see through the veil of darkness
And the mirror behind it reflects my fate
But the way is blocked - By sorrow
I scream into non-existing nothingness
And at last only silence remains
Oh, make every tear in my heart
A lifetime in hell
Falling eternal through the pits of time
Into an abysmal womb of subconsciousness
Torn apart by the phenomenon of enlightenment" - Spirit of Venus, Abigor Favorite track: The Spirit Of Venus.
Praefuscus Ferrum
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Praefuscus Ferrum In this presentation, the guitars can be felt coiling around the subtle body of he who actually listens, instilling ecstasy as scales rub skin and hiss whispers in ear. Favorite track: Eclpise My Heart Crown Me King.
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Borat Abigor's greatest guitar work. Favorite track: The Spirit Of Venus.
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YernOVayr such a unique experience. worthy of anyone's support
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Supreme Immortal Art

Oour 6th album, written and recorded in late 1997, was planned to appear as diverse and symphonic as possible, a triumphant monument of Satan´s grandeur. Yet the core compositions left room for other interpretations, and the album´s early fundament gives you a rough and grim view into the abyss.

We present you an instrumental version from the first 3 recording days, without keyboards and unmixed, a cassette that was taken home by us from Hörnix in november 1997.

It was our brother Semjaza of Thy Darkened Shade who insisted to get these files from us, and after a second thought we decided to make them public now entirely.

„Enter the path to the realm below
where evil sleeps and darkness grows
Demonic art sacrificed to the night
A monument of malicious sonority
Surrender to the demon of war“


released May 24, 2015



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